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For clients

An innovative way to speak to your customers by using gift card to acquire and build loyalty

  • CUSTOMER ACQUISITION:The Decathlon gift e-gift card is the perfect way to attract new customers. They show off your generosity, and the gift of vitality is something that potential customers are really going to value.
  • CUSTOMER RETENTION: The strength of the Decathlon name and the quality of our brands means that giving our gift cards and e-gift cards to them demonstrates how much you value your customers and helps to build their brand loyalty towards your company.
  • TRADE PROMOTIONS: Including Decathlon e-cards in your promotion can open up new avenues to help you promote products or boost a launch, with our strong brand helping potential customers make that purchasing decision.
  • CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE: Reward your new customers by using Decathlon Gift card to improve their loyalty and to make sure that over time it will become a key customer .
For employees

Recognize the talent of your company.
Behind every success are hiding great employees, recognizing them with incentives will help to increase their performances and motivation.

  • STAFF REWARDS: Motivate your staff or reward them for excellent work with the Decathlon e-gift card. Everybody wins – your team feel happy and valued, while you build company loyalty and benefit from healthier employees.
  • MORE PERSONAL: Cash reward can be seen as a non specific gesture. Gift card is seen by employees as a gift where the employee will be able to buy the products of his choice across our wide range of products available online and offline.
  • MORE MEMORABLE: The product bought using a gift card will remind the employee of his company and what he achieved to get rewarded.

Use gift card as a way to improve your partnership relationship.
Partners relationship management can have a colossal impact on your business. Therefore, this relationship needs to be improved overtime in order to be sustainable for you and your partners.

  • PERSONALISATION: Improve your partnership relationship by sending them personalised gift card or use our gift card as part of your club life by personalizing them with your design.
  • DYNAMIZE YOUR PARTNERSHIP: By offering a decathlon gift card, you are offering sport and its values as vitality, sharing, commitment,respect, teamwork and perseverance.
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